Issue 2: Making Conversation

Kitkats and Cuppas

A reflection on points of connection in developing practices over the course of the MA and the collaborations that resulted.

In this podcast, Joy Stokes and Eleanor Street discuss how the connections between their artworks led to the effortless formation of their collaboration and how they look forward to the future of their collaborative relationship.

Dialectics of the Skin, 2023
56x85cm monoprint on Zerkall paper, porcelain, acrylic paint
Fluid Dynamics, 2023
56×76 woodcut and lithograph on Zerkall paper

Bachelard, G., Jolas, M., Danielewski, M.Z. and Kearney, R. (2014) The Poetics of Space. East Rutherford, UNITED STATES: Penguin Publishing Group.

Fay Ballard Memory Boxes – Memory Box: Drawn from Life 2010-15

Foundling Museum pocket pieces

Maggi Hambling

Sarah Lucas

About the contributors

Eleanor Street and Joy Stokes are London-based visual artists who completed an MA in Fine Art Printmaking at UAL Camberwell in November 2023. 

Eleanor works in print, sculpture and painting, using images of landscape to explore memory and emotions, particularly grief arising from the loss of both parents. She uses photographs from individual moments and places, often with specific people, as the basis for her print work, translating those images through different processes as a way of capturing and preserving memories and navigating and containing unruly emotions.

Joy is interested in the significance of physically occupying space and our relationship with the objects that hold us and in themselves can be seen as representations of the human form. Through different printmaking techniques, Joy creates indelible marks using the movement and weight of her body creating works that become containers of energy and the physical self. 

Her work is currently on show at Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins as part of the ‘Bill of Health’, at Bankside Gallery, Thames Riverside and at San Mei Gallery, Brixton.