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Comfort home in games online: When play is not just about fun

An essay discussing about the game. When games are not only just screen activities for enjoyment. Point out new context that games can take. Connect people with a sense of home.

Games are human activities for many purposes and also a combination of arts and technology. For entertainment, skill training, and learning, and sometimes may be helpful in education; Games are all about rules, competition, and interaction. As for online games, it means Video games that must be played via the Internet only. It cannot be denied that in today’s era, Online games are widespread and popular among young people. Whether as a form of entertainment, hobby, leisure activity, or even making money from being a professional gamer, Views of these activities are both optimistic and pessimistic. Some people think it is addictive. Causing people to suffer poor grades or perform less efficiently but have you ever wondered if sometimes you pick it up and play Just because you want to spend time in the virtual world? Alternatively, to catch up with long-lost friends. Furthermore, it feels like your non-physical body is in a familiar place.


Moving address, travel, work, or various restrictions that make people have to move to an unfamiliar place, whether by necessity or not, people did not get to live in their homeland. The greater the distance, the more intense our sense of connection to home becomes. Part of this is caused by nostalgia and longing for the home they left. Many people choose to buy objects or do activities. That is related to the five senses that link to their own home. For example, Indians sometimes light incense or frankincense. They carry inhalers from their hometowns when going abroad. Alternatively, Japanese people in Europe who buy imported ingredients are more expensive than usual because they want to cook food with the same taste as their hometown. The game is a form of ‘connection’ just mentioned. Online games act like a house that can be carried in a pocket. No matter how far you are, turn on your laptop or console and connect to the Internet. This miraculous power doubles the feeling of security and comfort.

Journey of the owner

A home is said to record the owner’s personality, tastes, history, and goals through decoration. Such as a certificate, Family photos, prize trophies, or a favorite book to read and keep. When a guest visits the owner’s bookshelf can immediately learn about the identity and character of the homeowner. However, the limitation of the house as a building is its mobility. When the owner has to leave, they cannot keep those things with them everywhere due to the limitations caused by transportation, money, space, and time. Many new generations’ choice is often in the form of an online platform that can be carried with them more conveniently, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With the identity of the owner of that ‘character’ or ‘username’ Digital systems can store game data. Both the time spent playing success or the process that that person has achieved the ‘goal’ of the game, or what is sometimes called ‘Achievement’ In some games, it comes as a straightforward form of building a model house. Homeowners can choose to decorate according to their tastes and open for friends or family to visit and chat with homeowners Minecraft, No Man’s Sky, for example. Decorative items may have to meet certain conditions or have a limited purchase time. What could be better than having your proud home in your pocket?

Aug 29, 2003; Hollywood, CA, USA; SCARLETT JOHANSSON as Charlotte and BILL MURRAY as Bob Harris in the dramatic comedy Lost

Memories can be associated with still images. Memories can be connected through familiar tastes. Moreover, memories can be linked to smell as well. So why can’t memories be recorded through spoken, read, and written languages? ​​When humans travel to a land they have never been to, there is a confusing atmosphere and unfamiliar culture. The movie ‘Lost in translation’ by director Sophia Coppola recounts the life of former superstar Bob Harris in his adult age. The life graph is not good. Married life is not as smooth as he thinks. He traveled to be a model for a liquor advertisement in Japan. They were causing him to live in Tokyo, where locals speak little English. During this time, he met Charlotte, the girlfriend of a foreign photographer. Coincidence brought the two together. Both of them felt alone. Even in a crowded city, they were Considering the sense of alienation. In other words, sometimes the wear that binds human beings to a sense of home is not always a physical place or thing. Meeting or connecting with people who speak the same language is another way to relieve loneliness and depression. In modern society, It is easier for the Internet to connect people from a distance. Allows them to communicate through text, video, and voice. Playing games is a popular pastime among teenagers in their free time. Even when they are somewhere else, the familiarity in that activity does not quickly disappear. Games connect people through more than just communication. It also brings players back to their old familiarity through activities, objectives, and co-ops.


A home is often a place where we humans can express our individuality. Because of the sense of privacy, that will allow us to reveal ourselves without being shy. Alternatively, what some people call a ‘comfort zone’ In the past, people did not take this privacy very seriously. However, the influence that emerged in the late 17th century, known as industrialization, the process of changing the socio-economic system from agriculture to machinery industry Considered a transition of a society that moves into modernity. Modern homes are also seen as a microcosm, meaning a small simulated world that can be used to represent the big world. The interactions with family members and everything that happens in the home become a reflection of being a citizen of the state. If talking about privacy as a game, although online multiplayer games can provide privacy through the creation of encrypted rooms called lobbies, the most obvious example is single-player mode games such as The Sims, Red Dead Redemption, and Grand Theft Auto. These games feature virtual worlds that allow players to control characters, build and perform activities freely. Being alone in the world, knowing it was not happening, and no matter what was done in that world, it would not affect players in the physical world. And for that reason, it is found that people who play these kinds of games tend to unleash their raw instincts just for fun. (Does not mean that person is a bad person) such as activities from the famous The Sims like ‘Build a swimming pool without ladders’

What is your home looks like?

In Thai, only the word pronounced Baan means both home and house. However, in a country with English as the first language, House conveys a definite meaning that it is a substantial building and uses the word home to convey an abstract meaning of a house with a feeling of attachment of the residents involved. Like German, that divides the word into haus (house), and hime means home. However, the feeling of calling home for each person is different from the other details and personal life experiences. ‘A sense of home’ has no fixed meaning because it is subjective. ‘house’ is one of the four essential factors in our lives, and ‘home’ is an essential feeling that keeps our hearts stable and safe. Because no matter what happens, there is still a home to return to, but our home is never the same. It is not limited to any one type of housing. But, on the other hand, it is sad that many people do not have a home to live in.

After reading up until here, many people may have already imagined what their house is like. Or what kind of game is it? And how it feels when playing it. If anyone has homesickness, try reloading your favorite game. And you may be able to return to your home again. But remember that in Buddhism, we walk in the middle path means anything too much or too little is bad. It is like locking yourself in the house. So, remember not to play too many games until it is past bedtime!


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Aug 29, 2003; Hollywood, CA, USA; SCARLETT JOHANSSON as Charlotte and BILL MURRAY as Bob Harris in the dramatic comedy Lost

Screenshot from Minecraft

Screenshot from Genshin Impact


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